1,000 unique collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Working for you and earning you money.


1,000 unique collectible characters. Earning you a steady income of money bi-weekly.

Owning a kaws doodle is comparable to owning stocks in a company. Your digital NFT gives you the rights and symbolizes your own share in our unique project.

Your NFT's value will be used as an investment to bring our courageous and viable ideas to life! We are planning on launching multiple services for our investors to feast on. Want to get to know more in-depth about our ideas? Read here

The roadmap

Phase I: Minting & Rewards

Kaws Doodles is projected to go live around Q4 2022, the mint will consist of a Whitelisted phase and a Public minting phase! Our NFT's also have a specific rarity. Meaning that the more rare your NFT is, the more value it will hold!

Phase II: Community

We will be striving and working hard to building a completely open and transparent community where all holders have the right to vote on certain subjects and suggestions on our further projects and development proposals. All genesis holders will also be receiving timely airdrops. By holding Kaws Doodles you will make money passively and have the eligibility to participate in our communities' giveaways and lotteries.

Phase III: Kaws Doodles DAO

Set up our own DAO and start making timely and strategical investments for low-risk and long term rewards and profits by our speculations and expertise analysts.

Phase IV: Project Kick-off

All the profits and funds raised from DAO and the sale of our NFT's will directly be re-invested into our own projects, such as our own Bridge/Decentralized Exchange. Want to read more about the ideas we have? Check out the whitepaper here!

Phase V: KawsDoodles token $KWDS

After the launch of our own bridge/DEX, we will start introducing our own token which ofcourse will be airdropped to genesis wallets. The main function of our token will be to accelerate the speed of transactions on our multiple-network bridge exchange. So instead of waiting for your transaction on a specific network to be confirmed, you can exchange $KWDS!

Meet the team

Founder, CFO

Developer, CTO

Artist, Web Dev

Community Lead

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy into this project?

It's ran by a super fanatic team of geeks with interest in bringing cool stuff in the world that is actually necessary, we aren't looking for a quick way of making money but rather to create a huge community and run our projects with the community. Thus making it a safe investment and a long-term income generator for investors.

How can this profit me in any way?

By buying into this NFT you essentially become a small shareholder in our projects, these range from Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) to Launch-platforms all made by us respectively.

Is it worth getting a whitelist spot?

This depends on yourself, we offer 500 whitelist spots for our NFT minting event, during which 500 spots remain open for anyone to mint. Having a whitelist spot guarantees your spot in the project with upmost certainty.

Who is behind this project?

We're a team of developers and artists with various digital skills, with experience in working for succesful NFT projects and lots of experience working in the crypto-space. We thought it's best to bundle our talents and start this amazing project and not only profit ourselves but our community aswell. WAGMI!